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Columbia Parachute Hoists Specified for US Navy Drying Tower

Columbia Parachute Hoists Specified for US Navy Drying Tower

Application: Columbia parachute hoists lift multiple parachutes to dry after cleaning
Customer:  Noble Supply / US Navy
Location:  Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Hoist model:  Columbia HD670-1A34-L-11
Line pull: 670 pounds
Line speed: 30 feet per minute
Power source: 115 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz
Special features:  Hoists: Epoxy overcoat, stainless steel fasteners, stainless steel wire rope and cable tension plate.  Custom control panel: Eight (8) position hoist selector switch, UP/DOWN momentary contact push buttons and power indicator lights.  Sheaves: Eight (8) VLS-3 vertical lead sheaves with low profile mounting, epoxy overcoat and stainless steel fasteners.

Why APPI:  When the US Navy contracted for a new parachute drying tower to be built at Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor/Hickham Base, the most important criteria of the building design was adequate space and height for the unrestricted drying of parachutes.  They also recognized it was critical they select parachute hoists that would maximize performance while minimizing package size and maintenance to ensure the most productive use of the space as possible.

Knowing of our experience with similar drying towers and parachute hoist designs, Navy engineers contacted us to assist with the layout and selection of components for this new facility.  The eight hoists are easy to operate from the custom control panel we provided and with 40 feet of lift, the largest of parachutes can be hung quickly and efficiently.

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