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Columbia Pneumatic Hoist Assists Rockfall Mitigation

Columbia Pneumatic Hoist Assists Rockfall Mitigation

Application: Positioning a rock drill buggy with a pneumatic hoist
Customer: Triptych Construction, LLC
Location: Yellowstone River, Montana
Hoist Model: Columbia HG5000-P-03
Line Pull: 5,000 pounds
Line Speed: 13 feet per minute
Wire Rope Capacity: 248′ X 3/8″ diameter wire rope
Power Source: Pneumatic – 110 SCFM @ 65 PSI
Special Features: Custom drum for increased wire rope capacity, cable tension plate and 15′ handheld proportional controls

Why APPI: No matter how you approach it, steep slope mitigation – which includes installing rock fall drapery, debris flow barriers, and wire mesh installations – is both technical and tough work.  The drill buggies that Triptych Construction of Glide, Oregon uses are the work horses on these jobs and being able to position them as required is the key to the successful completion of their projects.

Having seen a number of our Columbia pneumatic hoists working on similar drill buggies, and after talking to numerous competitors about our hoists’ design and durability, they selected a model HG5000-P-03 for their buggy.  It was provided with a custom drum that holds 248 feet of 3/8” diameter wire rope and a tension plate to help keep the line in place.  A hand held proportional control valve with 15 feet of hose between it and the hoist allows operation from a safe location.

In the picture above, a Triptych crew is installing rock dowels for a fall pipe to control runoff entering the Yellowstone River.  Joel Murphy, the General Manager for the company, says with their Columbia hoist they can get the buggy to where it needs to be quickly and safely – and that’s the key to being profitable on these jobs.  He also noted it’s working so well they are putting the same hoist on two more of their buggies.

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