Columbia Wall-Mounted Engine Hoist

Columbia HG2400-1A34-L-01 AC Electric Wall-Mounted Engine Hoist

Application:Wall-Mounted Industrial Engine Hoist for Manufacturing Operations
Customer:Trade-Mark Industrial
Location:Cambridge, Ontario
Hoist Model:
Columbia AC Electric HG2400-1A34-L-01

  • Line Pull: 2,400 pounds
  • Line Speed: 15.1 feet per minute
  • Wire Rope Capacity: 326 feet x 1/4″ diameter wire rope with latching hook

Power Source:  115 VAC 1Ø 60 Hertz
Special Features: Standard unit with wall mount, ceiling sheave, and pendant controls


When a prominent automotive manufacturer required a versatile, wall-mounted engine hoist to streamline their manufacturing processes, they consulted with Dan Kroetsch, the Rigging Manager at Trade-Mark Industrial. After a thorough analysis of the client’s specific industrial rigging needs and safety requirements, we recommended the HG2400 wall-mounted engine hoist. This model, with the load line routed through a ceiling sheave, not only provides the necessary lift capacity but also promotes operator safety by allowing them to maintain a safe distance from the engine during the lifting process. This approach to manufacturing efficiency and workplace safety is a testament to our commitment to industrial engineering best practices. 

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