Columbia AC Hardwood Drying Kiln Winch Provides High-Capacity Solution

AC Electric Winch used for Hardwood Drying in a Kiln

Application: Hardwood Drying Kiln Winch
Customer: Hardwood Solutions, LLC
Orrville, OH
Hoist Model:
Columbia AC Electric WG11000-4A17-L-02

  • Line Pull: 11,000 pounds
  • Line Speed: 7.7 feet per minute on first layer

Power Source:  460 VAC 3Ø 60 Hertz
Wire Rope Capacity: 198’ of 3/8” diameter wire rope with latching hook


Hardwood Solutions requires a robust winch for pulling heavy hardwood loads into their drying kilns. They have utilized Columbia Winches from Allied Power Products, Inc. (APPI) since 2014 with excellent results. According to Nathan Hostetler of Hardwood Solutions:

“We have been using the Columbia WG11000 AC electric winch for our hardwood drying kiln since our initial purchase of one of their units in June of 2014. The unit has worked flawlessly for years, and we have just now ordered a replacement unit.”

The Columbia WG11000 provides an impressive 11,000 pounds of line pull to manage the heavyweight hardwoods. With a 7.7 feet per minute line speed on the first layer, it delivers smooth and controlled load movement into the kiln. Hardwood Solutions trusts Columbia Winches to satisfy their demanding production needs kiln after kiln.

APPI proudly supplies heavy-duty and reliable winch solutions purpose-built for companies like Hardwood Solutions. Our Columbia winches consistently satisfy even the most demanding pull requirements. We eagerly anticipate continuing our partnership with Hardwood Solutions as their trusted supplier.

Please contact us to learn more about our hardwood drying kiln winches or any custom winch requirements you may have. With over 30 years of experience, our team has the expertise to provide the ideal pulling solution.

Allied Power Products, Inc. has specialized in providing winches, hoists, capstans, and cranes to meet our customers’ specific application requirements for more than 30 years.


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