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Columbia Wind Turbine Hoist Simplifies Maintenance

Columbia Wind Turbine Hoist Simplifies Maintenance

Application:  Raising and lowering a wind turbine for maintenance
Customer:  Cal Poly State University
Location:  San Luis Obispo California
Hoist Model:  Columbia HG5600-2A17-L-02
Line Pull:  5,600 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  8 feet per minute on the first layer
Power source:  230 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz

Why APPI:  Raising and lowering a wind turbine for maintenance presents a challenge under any circumstance, but when the wind turbine is remotely located in the foothills of California, a lack of power compounds these challenges even further.  For Cal Poly State University, when it came time to upgrade the wind turbine hoist they used for this task, they asked us to provide a solution that would provide the line pull, duty cycle, and brake capacity they required for this application.

After reviewing their specifications, one of our Columbia HG AC electric hoists was selected for this task with a truck mounted generator to provide the required power.  As it would be exposed to the elements at all times, the hoist was provided with a nickel-plated drum and tension plate as well as stainless steel fasteners.  It was fitted with 150’ of 3/8” diameter synthetic rope to position the tower.

The new hoist system exceeded all of the requirements and is expected to provide the school with years of low maintenance service in very remote, outdoor locations.

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