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Self-Contained Systems

Columbia Self-Contained Winch System Works To Remove Debris In Alaskan Lake

Application: Pulling large debris from a lake
SEAPA Hydro (Southeast Alaska Power Agency)
Website: https://seapahydro.org/
Location: Swan Lake, Sitka, AK
Winch Model: Columbia WF4700-2A17-L-02

Line Pull: 4,700 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed: 12.2 feet per minute on the first layer

Wire Rope Capacity: 198 feet x 3/8″ wire rope with a latching hook

Special Features: Self-Contained Winch System

Skid for self-contained winch system components

Lifting eyes & pulling/ anchoring points
Roof for weather protection

Generac 10KW Generator
Dual Propane Tank System

Two (2) 40lb Propane Tanks
Tank Rack
Regulator & Hoses
Poly Tank Cover

Starting Battery & Mount

Power Source: Propane fueled generator providing 230 VAC /…

Marine-Grade Salvage Winch System

This custom-built “marine-grade” salvage winch system is one of Allied Power Products, Inc’s (APPI) recent solutions for use pulling “spuds” and broken pilings from a barge.

With pulling capacities of up to 12,000 pounds on each winch drum, these winches can reach line speeds in excess of 72 feet per minute when pulling and 314 feet per minute in reverse. In addition, each drum offers up to 360 feet X 1/2″ wire rope storage.

A key started, turbocharged 56 HP diesel engine powers this hydraulic system. The winches on this salvage winch system are driven by a high-efficiency planetary reduction with rapid…

Columbia Aerostat Winch for Balloon Launch and Recovery

Application: Custom aerostat winch to launch and recover aerostat surveillance balloons
Customer: Near Space Systems, Inc.
Location: Peyton, Colorado
Hoist Model: Columbia EHS-5-43D
Special Features: 

Variable speed payout and recovery via proportional joystick controls.
A digital measurement package with line speed / distance / tension readouts and programmable alarms.
A proprietary AutoAdvance Line Spoolers with a bull’s-eye fairlead for unidirectional spooling of cable.

Line Pull: 5,500 pounds
Line Speed: Up to 115 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: This unit can store up to 4,400 feet X 1/2″ diameter fiber optic cable.
Power Source: 40 HP diesel generator with sound attenuating enclosure.

Self-Contained Winch System for Construction Barge Spuds

Application: Marine Grade self-contained winch system for rapid recovery & placement of a construction barge spud system in environmentally sensitive areas.
Customer: Advanced American Construction
Location: Portland, Oregon
Line Pull: 26,800 pounds per winch
Line Speed: 156 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 244 feet X 3/4″ wire rope on the 5th layer
Power Source: 140 HP Perkins turbo diesel engine
Special Features: Self-contained skid assembly includes two winches, joystick controls, Perkins turbo-charged diesel engine, Kawasaki pressure compensating pump, hydraulic and fuel tanks, key start, and digital display of system elements such as rpm, fuel consumption, oil pressure, etc….