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Columbia Strap Winch Positions Micro-Houses

Columbia Strap Winch Positions Micro-Houses

Application:  House Moving with a Columbia AC Electric Strap Winch
Customer:  Kasita
Location:  Austin, TX
Winch Model:  Columbia WG11000-4A17-L-23
Line Pull:  11,000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  7.7 feet per minute on the first layer
Strap Capacity:  32 foot x 4” wide strap
Power Source:  460 VAC / Three phase / 60 Hz
Special Features:  Strap drum with one 22′ section strap with shackle and two additional sections of 19′ strap with eyes and shackles.

Why APPI:  When Kasita completes one of their micro-houses, they need to move it from their indoor construction area to an outside loading dock where it can be loaded by crane onto a flatbed trailer.

Although they are tiny houses, their weight and construction precludes pushing or pulling them into position with a lift truck.  Using a winch was an ideal solution but Benji Miller, Director of Operations for Kasita, had a short lead time to install a unit, a restricted area for installation and the need to make the operation as simple and fool-proof as possible.  The answer to his needs was one of our Columbia WG11000 AC electric winches with three sections of strap for pulling the house.

When the house is moved, the operation begins with three strap sections linked together.  After the first section has been spooled, the second section of strap is removed and the drum is freespooled.  This allows the spooled section of strap to be pulled out and attached to the section of strap attached to the house.  The first section of strap is spooled again and when the drum is freespooled the strap is pulled out and attached to the house.  With this third pull the house ends up positioned next to the winch.  By using the strap, the house is pulled in a straight line without any of the issues that would be faced using wire rope.

The winch and controls are installed outdoors with a key lock on the controls to prevent unauthorized use.

Miller said the quick delivery of the strap winch kept their production on schedule and its operation has “brought the house down” with praise as to how well it works for them.

Please contact us if you would like more information about this particular strap winch or any of our other products and services.

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    I would like a quote on this winch if possible

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  • shawn thompson Reply

    Can i get a quote on this winch

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    I like this product also. Kindly give Quote

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      I’ve sent you an email. We would love to help with your project.

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