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Columbia Overhead Hoist Assists In Salmon Egg Harvesting

Columbia Overhead Hoist Assists In Salmon Egg Harvesting

Overhead Hoist Gives Atlantic Salmon A Lift
Customer: Kelly Cove Salmon
Location: Oak Haven, New Brunswick Canada
Hoist Model: Columbia HMH-450-1EWB
Line Pull: 400 lbs
Line Speed: 57 FPM
Power Source: 115 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features: Emergency stop
Overhead Hoist

Why APPI:  Frank Powell from Kelly Cove Salmon says, “We have been busy spawning Atlantic salmon here for the past 2 months. We use our Columbia overhead hoist to dip out the mature salmon from our land based brood stock tanks with a dip net connected to it. The line speed of the hoist enables us to lift the dip net loads of fish quite quickly. In the past, we did all this dipping manually and it made for some really sore backs! Over the course of this season we stripped eggs from approximately 3,500 female salmon and these weigh an average of 15-20 lbs. We sorted through the holding stock of 4500 fish multiple times so from the beginning of the season until we finished up yesterday we dipped over 135,000 lbs of salmon using our overhead hoist.”

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