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Columbia HAZLOC Rated Explosion-Proof Winch for Use In Texas Oilfield

Application: Explosion-Proof Winch to Position a “Pig” Cart
Customer: Enterprise Crude Pipeline, LLC
Location: Texas City, Texas
Winch Model: Columbia WG5600-4A17-X-02
Line Pull: 5,600 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed: 8 feet per minute on the first layer
Power Source: 460 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features: 1.5 HP, Class I Div 1 Group D HAZLOC motor…

Columbia River Fish Trap Compact Winch for Idaho Fish & Game

Application: Columbia AC Electric Compact Winch for LEMHI River Fish Trap
Customer: Idaho Fish and Game
Location: Salmon, Idaho
Winch Model: Columbia WN15000-2A17-L-01
Line Pull: 15,000 pounds
Line Speed: 4 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 222 feet x 5/8″ diameter wire rope
Power Source: 230 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features: Custom single-phase electrical input option, assorted rigging components….

Columbia Pneumatic Hoist Provides Lift For Emergency Management Exercise

Application: Columbia Pneumatic Hoist used for placing and removing a water diversion tunnel plug
Customer: City of Los Angeles
Location: Long Valley Reservoir, California
Hoist Model: Columbia HL15000-P-05
Line Pull: 15,000 pounds
Line Speed: 9 feet per minute
Wire Rope Capacity: 80 feet x 5/8″ diameter wire rope
Power Source: Pneumatic – 225 SCFM @ 85 PSI

Columbia AC Repair Winch Restores Drain Pipes

Application: Columbia repair winch pulls a “spin-casting” cement lining through drain pipes at set line speeds
Customer: The Strong Company, Inc.
Location: Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Winch model: Columbia W2000-1A25-L-02 AC Winch
Special features: AutoAdvance Line Spooler
Line pull: 2,000 pounds on the first layer
Line speed: 0-8 feet per minute on the first layer
Power source: 115 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz…

Dual Winch Positioning System for Louisiana Flood Gate

Application: Dual Winch Positioning System for Flood Gate 
Customer: Massman Construction Co.
Location: Houma, LA
Winch Model: Columbia WN20000-4A17-L-01 AC Electric Winch
Line Pull: 20,000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed: 8 feet per minute on the first layer
Wire Rope Capacity: 98 feet x 5/8″ diameter wire rope
Power Source: 460 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz…

Maintenance Hoist for Purple Martin Bird Colony

Application:  AC Electric Hoist used as a maintenance hoist to position a purple martin bird house for service and maintenance.
Customer:  Gordy’s Machine & Tool
Location:  Fairfield, IL
Hoist Model:  Columbia HC1500-1A25-L-11 AC Electric Hoist
Line Pull:  1,500 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  11.2 feet per minute on the first layer
Wire Rope Capacity:  99 feet X 3/16″ wire rope
Power Source:  115 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features:  Gear-end manual override, disconnect for pendant, aluminum base plate, cable tension plate

Columbia Provides Portable Lighting System Hoist

Application: “Halo” Portable Lighting System Hoist
Customer: Apollo Energy Services Corporation
Location: Crossfield, Alberta Canada
Line Pull: 5600 pounds
Line Speed: 8 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 198 feet x 3/8” wire rope
Power Source: 230 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features: Compact, low-profile AC Electric Hoist with CSA-rated brakemotor.

Columbia Manufacturing Winch for Synthetic Rope

Application: Synthetic rope manufacturing winch is used for stretching and setting splices in assemblies.
Customer: Cortland Puget Sound Rope
Location: Anacortes, WA
Line Pull: 4,700 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed: 12 feet per minute on the first layer
Power Source: 208 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features:  Spring-applied, electrically-released brake for rapid brake reaction and holding capability when stretching and setting splices in synthetic rope assemblies. Manual freespool to reset quickly for rapid cycle times. Low voltage controls with a custom handheld pendant control to keep the operator a safe distance away….

HAZLOC Oil Rig Hoist System for Offshore Platform

Application: A HAZLOC oil rig hoist system for raising and lowering a carriage containing an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) on an offshore platform from the deck down to docking posts at keel level.
Customer: BMT Scientific Marine Services, Inc.
Location: Houston, TX
Line Pull: 6,000 pounds
Line Speed: 15 feet per minute first layer
Power Source: 460 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features: Class 1 Div 2 Group D rated brakemotor, epoxy paint finish, variable speed controls with NEMA 7 rated 4-button pendant for UP/DOWN operation and incrementally programmable +/- speed control.

Photography Studio Light Bank Hoist

Application: DC Electric Photography Studio Light Bank Hoist System to position an over-sized lighting arrangement for photographing large products.
Line Pull: 800 lbs per hoist through four parts of line
Line Speed: Up to 15 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 45 feet x 1/8” diameter synthetic rope.
Power Source: 24 VDC
Special Features: Dual motors on each hoist, special cable guidance system incorporating a “bulls-eye” fairlead

Columbia DC Electric Maintenance Hoist

Application: DC electric maintenance hoist for servicing aircraft engines
Customer: Celtech Corporation
Location: Worldwide
Line Pull: 7,000 pounds
Line Speed: 4 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 40 feet x 5/8″ diameter wire rope with latching hook
Power Source: 24 VDC
Special Features: Custom hoist with right angle gearbox, 24 VDC motor and spring-applied, electrically-released brake, MIL-spec paint…

Railcar Positioning Winch System

Application: Dual-Winch Railcar Positioning Winch System
Customer: Union Pacific Railroad (UPR)
Location: Roseville, CA
Winch Model: Columbia WR40000-4A17-L-01
Line Pull: 40,000 pounds per AC electric winch
Line Speed: 5 feet per minute
Wire Rope Capacity: 128 feet x 3/4” diameter wire rope
Power Source: 460 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features: Cable tension roller, Custom control panel….

Winch for Testing Bobcat Bucket Capacity

Application: Winch for testing Bobcat bucket capacity
Customer: Bobcat
Location: Bismark, ND
Winch Model: Columbia WG11000-4A17-X-03 AC Electric Winch
Line Pull: 11,000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed: 8 feet per minute on the first layer
Power Source: 460 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features: With Bobcat providing their own adjustable speed controls APPI custom built the Columbia WG11000-4A17-X-03 winch for testing to be compatible with Bobcat’s variable frequency drive.  A cable tensioning plate was horizontally mounted to help prevent bird-nesting when the manual freespool lever is in use.  Quick mount brackets were added to simplify installation and provide clearance for the inverter-duty motor.

DC Electric Recovery Winch for Mars Rover

Application: DC electric recovery winch for Mars Rover
Customer: MDA / NASA
Location: Richmond, British Columbia
Line Pull: 130 pounds
Line Speed: 5 feet per minute
Capacity: 45 feet X 4 mm synthetic rope on single layer
Power Source: 24 VDC
Special Features: Custom hoist with AutoAdvance Line Spooler, integral load cell, 24 VDC motor and spring-applied, electrically-released brake.

Columbia Brush Hoist Raises the Bar for DuraSweeper System

Application: Columbia brush hoist used for raising and lowering poly wafer brush for debris and snow removal
Customer: Bluff Manufacturing
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Hoist Model: Columbia HF3500
Line Pull: 3,500 pounds
Line Speed: 12.2 feet per minute first layer speed
Power Source: 230 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features: Epoxy paint finish, stainless steel fasteners for added corrosion resistance….

Aerial Sculpture Hoist

Application: Aerial sculpture hoist for children’s hospital
Customer: Artech, Inc.
Location:  Seattle, WA
Line Pull:  Two hoists with 5,600 pounds capacity each
Line Speed:  8 feet per minute
Power Source:  115 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features: Custom control panel…

Columbia Aircraft Assembly Hoist Positions Components

Application: Two strap hoists for positioning nose cone during aircraft assembly.
Customer Location: Marrietta, GA
Line Pull: 650 pounds per AC electric hoist
Line Speed: 21 feet per minute
Strap Capacity: 27 feet x 2” wide strap
Power Source: 115 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features: Strap drum conversion, custom rotation fixture

Corp of Engineers Make Connections with Jib Crane System

Application: Jib crane system to lift and position 24″ couplings for water pumping system on the Mississippi River
Customer: Magruder Construction Co., Inc.
Location: Eolia, MO
Line Pull: 6,000 pounds
Line Speed: 40 feet per minute
Power Source:  15 HP hydraulic power unit 
Special Features: 1.5 ton capacity jib crane with 360º rotation, 16′ height and 14′ span; hammerhead trolley; custom hydraulic power unit with quick-connect hoses…

Custom Hydraulic and Electric Excavator Barge Winch System

Application:  Hydraulic and electric barge winch system designed to provide mooring and fleeting capabilities for an excavator barge.
Power Source:  208 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Hydraulic Power Source:  Customer supplied Komatsu PC 3000 Aqua Digger hydraulic excavator provides power to hydraulic motors.
Special Features:  Dual band brakes, Hydraulic activated freespool, Custom stainless steel manifolds, High-efficiency planetary reduction in sealed oil bath, Spring-applied, hydraulically-released brakes

Pneumatic Capstan Winch Installs Replacement Felts

Application: Pneumatic capstan winch used to quickly install replacement felts on paper machines.
Customer: North Pacific Paper Corporation
Location: Longview, Washington
Line Pull: 4,200 pounds
Line Speed: 39 feet per minute
Power Source: Pneumatic – 230 SCFM @ 90 PSI
Special Features: Compact design (29” tall, 17” wide and 19” deep), custom capstan head. Designed to replace obsolete pneumatic winch….

Marine-Grade Salvage Winch System

This custom built “marine-grade” salvage winch system is one of Allied Power Products, Inc’s (APPI) recent solutions for use pulling “spuds” and broken pilings from a barge.

With pulling capacities of up to 12,000 pounds on each winch drum, these winches can reach line speeds in excess of 72 feet per minute when pulling, and 314 feet per minute in reverse. Each drum offers of up to 360 feet X 1/2″ wire rope storage.

A key started, turbo charged 56 HP diesel engine powers this hydraulic system. The winches on this salvage winch system are driven by a high-efficiency planetary reduction with…

Columbia AC Electric Belt Winch for Drying Belt Installation

Application: Columbia belt winch assists with routine installation of a drying belt in a paper making machine.
Customer: Kimberly Clark
Location: Beech Island, South Carolina
Winch Model: Columbia WF4700-2A34-L-03
Line Pull: 2,350 pounds
Line Speed: Up to 24 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 356 feet x 5/16” diameter synthetic rope.
Power Source: 230 VAC / 3 Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features: Variable speed controls, washdown-duty motor, synthetic rope assembly, and APPI’s proprietary AutoAdvance Line Spooler with urethane tension roller….

University of Hawaii Ocean Research Sonar Winch

Application: AC powered recovery sonar winch
Customer: University of Hawaii
Location: Hawaii
Line Pull: 3,900 pounds
Line Speed: 83 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 1900 feet X 5/8″ wire rope
Power Source: 230 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features: Allied Power Products, Inc. (APPI) recently produced this custom AC powered sonar recovery winch for use on the University of Hawaii’s newest ocean research vessel.

Columbia Compactor Winch for Waste Compaction Systems

As a number of compactor manufacturers have found, a low profile Columbia compactor winch can help reduce damage to their waste compaction systems during container re-positioning.

Standing at just 10” tall, the Columbia WG11000 AC winch is well suited for this type of pulling application. The 28” x 9” footprint and 8 bolt mounting pattern make it easy to install in these restricted space areas.

APPI offers a wide range of winches for waste compaction systems including Columbia AC powered winches with line pulls from 1,000 to 11,000 pounds. These standard models all offer high efficiency and permanently lubricated planetary geartrains.  Motors…

High Speed AC Electric Winch for Japanese Production Company

Application: Custom high speed AC electric winch with variable speed to pull a 90 lb kite in excess of 600 feet per minute across a stage and back for a production company with shows in Japan
Line Pull:90 pounds
Line Speed: 660 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 90 feet X 1/8″ aircraft cable
Power Source: 180 VDC Electric
Special Features: Custom grooved cable drum with twin anchors for positioning. Custom 4 cam rotary limit switch for failsafe control of the kite with cams modified to ensure tripping at high speed. 2 hp 180 VDC TEFC rated motor with control board. Custom variable speed controls with PLC input.

Columbia Pneumatic Drone Winch Assists In Ocean Launching

Application: Custom Columbia pneumatic drone winch designed to launch drones off moving ships in the Pacific Ocean.
Line Pull: 2000 pounds
Line Speed: 21 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 20 feet of custom 2″ strap with quick release latch
Power Source:  Pneumatic – 80 SCFM @ 70 PSI
Special Features: Motor mounted manual control valve plumbed and installed with mufflers. Custom strap design with special quick release latch to allow tensioning for launch and quick release. Special coating for marine environment protection….

DC Ambulance Hoist for Loading Patients

A North Carolina ambulance manufacturer recently drew upon Allied Power Products, Inc.’s (APPI) expertise to provide a DC powered hoist that would help ambulance and emergency personnel load wheeled stretchers carrying bariatric patients.

From their extensive product line of hoists and winches, APPI selected their DC500 12 volt strap hoist. When not under tension at all times, a strap eliminates many of the spooling issues associated with wire rope.  In addition, patients benefit from the smooth pulling of a strap because it does not jump from layer to layer.  The synthetic fabric construction of the strap is also much cleaner and…

Fish Trap Gate Hoist

Application: Gate hoist for lifting a fish trap gate
Customer: Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
Location: Parkdale, Oregon
Line Pull:  2,400 pounds
Line Speed: 15 feet per minute
Power Source:  115 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features: NEMA 4X rated UL listed fiberglass control enclosure. NEMA 4X rated low voltage handheld pendant….

Columbia Platform Hoist Provides Positioning for Clay Pigeon Platform

Application: This clay pigeon platform hoist positions a platform that holds a clay pigeon thrower.  The hoist raises the platform to its throwing position, offering shooters a more challenging shot, and lowers the platform to reload the thrower.
Customer Type: Rifle Club
Location: Marshfield, Wisconsin
Line Pull: 2,000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed: 12 feet per minute
Power Source: 115 VAC 1 Phase 60 Hz
Special Features: Full voltage controls on 6 foot pendant, limit switch…

Columbia Traction Drive Systems for Water Treatment Plant

Application: These Columbia TD1100 traction drive systems are currently in use at the world’s largest drinking water treatment plant, ETA Guandu, which provides water to 80% of Rio de Janeiro’s six million residents.
Location: Reading, Pennsylvania (systems to be installed in Brazil)
Line Pull: 1,100 pounds
Line Speed: 0-14.5 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: Grooved drums for ¼” wire rope; travel distance is up to 393 feet
Power Source: 460 VAC 3 phase 60 Hz
Special Features: Sheave assemblies at both ends of tank. Line tensioning units with rope stretch sensor provisions. Marine-duty motors. Stainless steel hardware. Epoxy overcoat.

Columbia Window Washing Platform Hoist System

Application: Window washing platform hoist system
Customer: Sterling Engineering & Fabrication
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Line Pull: 2,000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed: 9 feet per minute on the first layer
Wire Rope Capacity: 84 feet X 5/16″ wire rope
Special Features: Regenerative DC drive in NEMA 4X rated control enclosure. NEMA 6 rated low-voltage handheld pendant elements such as rpm, fuel consumption, oil pressure, etc. Stainless steel fastener. Epoxy overcoat. Aluminum base plate. Galvanized wire rope with latching hook.

Loading and Offloading Using Skid Winch for the US Air Force

Application: The new model WX9300-2A17-L-01 is a 9,300 lb capacity AC electric powered skid winch that will be put in service by the US Air Force to load and offload skids from transport trailers.
Customer Type: Winches, Inc.
Location: Flagstaff, Arizona
Line Pull: 9,300 pounds
Line Speed: 15 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 284 feet X 7/16” wire rope.
Power Source: 230 VAC 3 Phase input power
Special Features: 5.0 Hp severe-duty brakemotor, reversing motor starter, NEMA 4 steel enclosure, IN/OUT momentary buttons on side of panel, steel tension roller….

Columbia Lunar Rover Winch on the ATHLETE Lunar Rover

The All-Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra-Terrestrial Explorer (ATHLETE) is a new mobility platform developed for potential lunar operations. This six limbed rover is designed to traverse quickly over benign terrain by rolling, traverse rough and steep terrain by walking, as well as perform general manipulation of tools and payloads. This flexible robotic platform will provide a mobile base for pressurized lunar habitats allowing for long range surface exploration and crew transport. It will also enable in-situ construction of lunar assets providing astronauts with the ability to assemble, maintain, and service a wide range of cargo.

To explore extremely rough and steep terrain, such…

Columbia Aerostat Winch for Balloon Launch and Recovery

Application: Custom aerostat winch to launch and recover aerostat surveillance balloons
Customer: Near Space Systems, Inc.
Location: Peyton, Colorado
Hoist Model: Columbia EHS-5-43D
Special Features: 

Variable speed payout and recovery via proportional joystick controls.
A digital measurement package with line speed / distance / tension readouts and programmable alarms.
A proprietary AutoAdvance Line Spoolers with a bull’s-eye fairlead for unidirectional spooling of cable.

Line Pull: 5,500 pounds
Line Speed: Up to 115 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: This unit can store up to 4,400 feet X 1/2″ diameter fiber optic cable.
Power Source: 40 HP diesel generator with sound attenuating enclosure.

Columbia AC Flag Hoist for World’s Largest American Flag

Application: Columbia AC flag hoist which is being used to raise the world’s largest American flag in Sheboygan, Wisconsin up the tallest flag pole in the USA. ACUITY, a Midwest property and casualty insurer, commissioned America’s Flags and Poles of Irving, Texas to construct and install the 338 foot tall flagpole. At 7200 total square feet with 4-1/2 feet tall stripes and 3 foot tall stars, this flag is visible from over 20 miles away.
Customer: ACUITY
Location: Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Line Pull: 1,290 pounds
Line Speed: 80 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 760 feet X 3/16″ wire rope
Power Source: 230 VAC 3 Phase 60 Hz

Columbia Chandelier Hoist Provides A Welcome Lift

When Portland’s beautifully restored Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall opened in 1984, a pair of hand crafted, irreplaceable chandeliers were left in place to serve as reminders of the hall’s storied past.  Columbia’s chandelier hoist system is now responsible for raising and lowering these chandeliers for cleaning and maintenance.

These magnificent crystal lights have the unique distinction of having witnessed each of the hundreds, if not thousands, of live performances that have entertained theater-goers since its opening as the Portland Public Theater in 1928. Suspended at 60 feet above the floor and weighing in at 350 pounds, the only way workers are…

Positioning Hoist for Raytheon Company

Application: Positioning hoist for stabilizing legs of Patriot Missile mobile guidance tower
Customer Type: Raytheon Company
Location:  Global
Line Pull:  1,160 pounds
Line Speed:  37 feet per minute
Power Source:  24 VDC
Special Features: Servomotors, CARC paint, synthetic rope….

Columbia AC Electric Mine Hoist in the Mountains of Chile

The end user required a continuous duty electric mine hoist capable of operating high in the mountains of Chile. The small mounting profile and heavy duty performance capabilities of the HR2-2200 provided the customer with a hoist capable of meeting these requirements.

Please contact us if you would like more information about this particular electric mine hoist system or any of our other products and services.

Allied Power Products, Inc. has specialized in providing winches, hoists, capstans and cranes to meet our customers’ specific application requirements for more than 30 years.

High-Lift Hoist for Communications Dish Installation

Application: Columbia high-Lift Hoist assists in the replacement of communications dish at the Greater Hartford Airport.
Customer: LS Technologies LLC
Location: Hartford, Connecticut
Hoist Model: Columbia HD2000 AC Electric Hoist
Line Pull: 2,000 pounds
Line Speed: 12 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 550 feet X 1/8” wire rope
Power Source: 120 VAC 1 Phase input power

Conveyor Belt Tensioning Winches

Application: Stringing and tensioning a conveyor belt for mining
Customer: Shaw-Almex
Winch Model: Columbia WD1450 AC Electric Winch
Line Pull: 1,450 pounds
Line Speed: 13.5 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 120 feet X 1/4” wire rope
Power Source: 380 VAC 3 Phase 50 Hz input power
Special Features: Variable frequency drive in NEMA 4X rated control enclosure, NEMA 4X rated low-voltage handheld pendant with potentiometer, AutoAdvance Line Spooler, cable tensioning plate

Self-Contained Winch System for Construction Barge Spuds

Application: Marine Grade self-contained winch system for rapid recovery & placement of a construction barge spud system in environmentally sensitive areas.
Customer: Advanced American Construction
Location: Portland, Oregon
Line Pull: 26,800 pounds per winch
Line Speed: 156 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 244 feet X 3/4″ wire rope on the 5th layer
Power Source: 140 HP Perkins turbo diesel engine
Special Features: Self contained skid assembly includes two winches, joy stick controls, Perkins turbo-charged diesel engine, Kawasaki pressure compensating pump, hydraulic and fuel tanks, key start and digital display of system elements such as rpm, fuel consumption, oil pressure, etc….

Synchronized Multiple Hoist System for Boat Repairs

Application: Multiple hoist system with custom control package to lift boats out of the water for service and repair
Customer: Weston Solutions
Location: Umm Qasr Naval Base, Iraq
Line Pull: 1,000 tons (2,000,000 pound) total system capacity
Cable Capacity: 32 feet of travel 
Power Source: 400 VAC / Three Phase / 50 Hz
Special Features: Custom synchronized control system, complete rigging package including wire rope, blocks and sheaves