Columbia Continuous Duty DC Hoist Lifts Tools and Equipment

Application:  Hoisting crane operator’s tools and equipment on an oil platform
Customer:  Oil States Skagit Smatco LLC
Location:  Houma, LA
Hoist Model:  Columbia HF1500-2D18-F-00
Line Pull:  1,500 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  20 feet per minute on the first layer
Special Features:  1 HP totally enclosed fan cooled motor with spring applied, electrically released brake, custom 4.44” wide drum, 118:1 gear reduction, NEMA 4X rated stainless steel enclosure for electrical controls and connections
Power Source:  24 VDC…

Columbia Cooling Tower Davit Crane

Application:  Cooling Tower Davit Crane
Customer:  Fox Engineering
Location:  Oregon City, Oregon
Hoist model:  Columbia HD2000-1A34-F-01 AC Electric Hoist
Davit Crane Model:  Columbia 20AAM with extended mast and boom, wall mount base, upper limit switch
Line pull:  2,000 pounds on the first layer
Line speed:  12 feet per minute on the first layer
Power source:  115 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz…

Columbia PIG Cart Positioning Winch Assists with PIG Maintenance

Application:  PIG Cart Positioning Winch
Customer:  Seaway Crude Pipeline, LLC
Location:  Pasadena Station – Houston, TX
Winch Model:  Columbia WD900-4A34-L-00
Line Pull:  900 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  20.8 feet per minute on the first layer
Power Source:  460 VAC / Three phase / 60 Hz
Special Features:
  Class I Div 1 Group C&D rated 0.75 HP HAZLOC brakemotor
  Custom grooved drum for 3/16” diameter wire rope with dual through drum cable anchor at each flange…

Columbia Gantry Hoists Provide Lift for Flow Testing

Application:  Hoisting Water Flow Test Equipment
Customer:  Wallin Industries
Location:  Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Hoists:  Columbia HD1450-1A34-L-02

•  Single speed controls in a NEMA 4 painted steel enclosure
•  NEMA 4X hand-held pendant controller with UP/DOWN momentary contacts, E-Stop and 15.0’ lead, quick connect for pendant at enclosure
•  Columbia VLS-6 vertical lead sheave with overload detection

Line Pull:  1,450 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  16.3 feet per minute on the first layer
Power Source:  115 VAC / Single phase / 60 Hz
Special Features:  Overload detection sheave to include dual die springs, sized to be settable to counter balance a 935 lbs load…

Columbia Flow Control Hoist Assists Fish Ladders

Application:  Fish Ladder Flow Control Hoist
Customer:  Portland General Electric
Location:  Willamette Falls, Oregon City, Oregon
Hoist Model:  Columbia H21500-4A17-L-00
Line Pull:  21,500 lbs. single layer and 43,000 lbs with 2-part line
Line speed:  4.5 feet per minute with 2-part line
Brake rating:  140,000 lbs
Power source:  460 VAC / Three phase / 60 Hz
Special features:  Dual 1½ HP brakemotors, 12” drum core grooved for dual 5/8” wire rope assemblies, 70.5” drum width, 4-cam rotary limit switch and custom base plate. Dual multi-turn potentiometers for position locating. Custom NEMA 4X control panel with variable frequency drive. Installed on the panel face: UP/DOWN momentary buttons, LOCAL/REMOTE switch for future remote control, LED…

Columbia Chaff Loadout Winch Assists Water Reclamation Facility

Application:  Columbia Chaff Loadout Winch for use in a Dewater & Dry Water Reclamation Facility
Customer:  J. F. Ahern Co.
Location:  Fond du Lac, WI
Winch Model:  Columbia WG11000-4A17-L-02
Line Pull:  11,000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  7.7 feet per minute on the first layer
Wire Rope Capacity:  60 feet x 3/8″ diameter, 304 grade stainless steel wire rope with stainless steel latching hook
Power Source:  460 VAC / Three phase / 60 Hz
Special Features:  Class II Div 1 Group G rated motor, manual freespool lever, urethane tension roller, epoxy overcoat, stainless steel fasteners (where applicable) and quick-mount brackets…

Columbia Racking Board Winch Positions Pipe Segments

Application:  Columbia racking board winch for pulling and positioning pipe segments on drilling rigs
Customer:  Akita Drilling LTD
Location:  Calgary, AB, Canada
Winch Model:  Columbia WD1450-1A34-L-01
Line Pull:  1,450 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  16 feet per minute on the first layer
Power source:  115 VAC / Single Phase / 60Hz
Special features: Cable tension plate…

Columbia Heavy Equipment Recovery Winch Systems

Application:  Two Columbia heavy equipment recovery winch systems with 200,000 lb. single line pull to move heavy machinery up and down slopes in extreme weather
Location:  British Columbia, Canada
Winch Model:  Columbia W200000-4A17-L-00
Line Pull:  200,000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  70.5 feet per minute on the first layer
Wire Rope Capacity:  1,200 feet x 1⅝” 6X36 IWRC galvanized wire rope
Power Source:  460 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz…